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2013 Indian Wells BNP Paribas

Steve Burgess

Hometown: Palm Desert California

Style:  Sports, Action, Candid, Natural Light

Your probably wondering what the heck does Rugspin Mean?  Well back in the 80's Yes 80's I raced 12th scale radio controlled cars at the then famous "Bob & Jim's RC World" in Riverside.  The Race Director started calling me Teddy Ruxpin (You know that Stupid Talking Teddy Bear)  Not sure why other than he gave lots of people nick names.   Well after a few months it evolved into the rugspinner since we raced on carpet hence RUGSPIN.   When I started painting RC body's I needed a name and well Rugspinner or Rugspin came to mind  So "RUGSPIN GRAPHIX" was born.

I have many interest that involve everything from airbrushing to computer graphics to now photography and Video.  I have always had an interest in Photography but never pursued it until 2003 with a Sony point and shoot 717.   Serval years later I borrowed a friends Canon 50D DSLR and was hooked after the first picture.   In 2011 I purchased my Canon 60D and never looked back.   I have been shooting mainly radio control car racing and have become one of the leading photographers in our industry shooting for many of the publications around the world.

I am a CANON Shooter with the following equipment.

Bodies:  1DX MKii  |  7D Mark II  |  60D  |  5D  

Lenses:  Canon 70-200 f2.8 ver.2  |  24-70 f2.8 ver 2  |  50mm f1.8  |  18-135 f3.5-5  |  18-85mm f3.5-5  |  Tokina 11-16mm F2.8

Lighting:  Canon 600EX-RT  |   Yongnou 600EX-RT  |  24x24 Flash Softbox  |  5ft Silver Unbrellas

Also I have a place to rent very close and will get what I need when I need it.   Recent needs for Video have had me purchase a Gimble system for those smooth shots + digital audio recorder. 

All photo's are copyrighted by Rugspin.   Once your purchase a picture you are free to share them as you wish on any social media platform.  Also If your interested in RC Paint or event Graphix work including vinyl mask email me for a quote. 

You may see a watermark logo over the pictures while viewing them here on my website.  All pictures that are purchased the watermarked logo will be removed.  If you would like the pic without the event logo please email me with your request.

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